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Kashmir DMC Pvt Ltd

Kashmir DMC Pvt Ltd is a complete destination management company with back-office support exclusively for Kashmir tour packages from anywhere in the world.

All our services are in the primary operator level. It is the Kashmir part of Global DMC


Experience the serene beauty of Gulmarg, indulge in local cuisine, and explore the breathtaking landscapes. Take part in thrilling adventure sports and enjoy fun-filled activities with your family. Plan a romantic getaway and enjoy candlelit dinners under the starry skies.

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Make your honeymoon super special in the city of love, enjoy beautiful sunsets with your loved one, and have candle night dinners on several aesthetic places. You can also participate in fun activities like kayaking & explore the beautiful city.

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Take the road with us, enjoy the wilderness and make a fresh start at solo touring. You can enjoy camping, BBQ, trekking, & beautiful sunrises or sunsets. We will arrange everything that you need and ensure an amazing time.

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Wonderful Sonmarg

The Best Hill Station In Kashmir

If you are looking for a scenic retreat to escape the heat and hustle of city life, look no further than the picturesque hill station of Kashmir in India. Nestled amidst the Himalayas, Kashmir offers breathtaking views of snow-capped peaks, lush valleys, and serene lakes. Read on about my adventures there, discover the delicious local cuisine, and explore the top tourist attractions in Kashmir.



Must Visit Summer Destination

Take your family out on an unforgettable summer vacation to Kashmir. Meet the locals, try new food every day, and explore beautiful sights. Read on about my adventures there, and find out about delectable local cuisines and must-visit places in Kashmir.

Kashmir DMC is a proud member of the Global DMC family.Global DMC offers a wide range of services to business and leisure groups travelling to various locations around the world as a top destination management organisation. Learn more about Global DMC and their services at www.globaldmc.in.

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TOA (Tour Operators Association). It’s an association of tour operators in India that aims to focus on their common issues. We will stand for a healthy business environment, support each other, address issues, and influence governing bodies to benefit the industry. And where ever possible, we share a common platform in marketing, learning, and improvements in the business.